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Who is Ad Astra Equity Advisors?

Ad Astra Equity Advisors is a professional merger and acquisition advisory firm located in Kansas City, Missouri. We offer M&A advisory services to business owners by guiding them through the planning, marketing, and execution of a transaction of their business. Ad Astra is operated by four experienced merger and acquisition professionals, with a combined $320 million of transaction value between them. The Ad Astra team has worked with owners across the nation, of varying sizes, across several industries, with each owner having unique goals. We are well equipped to understand a business owner’s needs and wants and plan a deal process around their goals, that will lead them to their ideal outcome.

What makes Ad Astra Equity Advisors different?

Ad Astra Equity Advisors has confidence in our ability to bring a transaction that works for each client we work with. Ad Astra clients do not pay any up-front fees, monthly fees, or cancellation fees - Ad Astra does not get paid until a transaction is completed. We also work on a non-exclusive basis, meaning that we only get paid if we identify the acquirer, and work with them to complete a transaction with our client. Our clients are free to use other non-exclusive advisors, or market themselves during our engagement period as long as that advisor is also non-exclusive. This structure is meant to ensure we only get paid when we add value by bringing an acceptable deal to our client that they execute with that buyer. This allows our clients to work with us on a risk-free basis!

The Ad Astra Referral Program:

We are looking to connect with individuals who are close advisors to business owners and/or know of an owner that is looking to possibly sell their company that will allow us to earn the referral of a business owner you know. We believe we offer premier M&A services for entrepreneurs, and family owned businesses, through our unique business model that ensures our incentives are completely aligned throughout the process. Ad Astra will happily pay a percentage of the commission to the referring party that leads to a successful and funded transaction. To learn more about our company, experience, referral program, or other career opportunities please reach out to the team anytime.

We are easy to work with

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How you sell your business determines your legacy. Be ready for when that day comes.

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