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Call or email use anytime to get started! We want to help you achieve your goals the right way

Our promise

Selling your business is most likely the largest investment you will ever make. We offer a unique agreement for our clients so that they are 100% comfortable knowing that Ad Astra is working in their best interest at all times.

Since we know our clients deserve the best of the best, we offer the following characteristics within our agreement:

  • Success-based fee only. This means that you, our client, will not pay any upfront retainers, monthly fees, or cancellation fees.
  • Non-exclusivity. This allows you to market yourself with buyers that we have not identified to you.

This structure gives our clients a risk-free arrangement knowing that we will only be compensated if there is value given in return – a successful transaction.

Frequently asked questions

It doesn’t take much. Prior to getting engaged with us we want to take 30 minutes to a few hours understanding you, your business, and your goals. If you do not have set goals in mind, our job is to help you get there.

It may not be! By working with us on a success-based fee only model, will allow you to test the market and see if it is the right time to sell. You do not have to sell when we bring you offers, but it is never a bad idea to always have your finger on the trigger, ready to sell.

We understand that business owners need to remain confidential from employees, customers, family, etc. knowing about a possibility of selling. We accomplish this by only working with you, or those you give us access to, and will only talk with buyers you have approved. We do not talk with anyone without your permission. If you allow us to talk with a buyer, we always require a Non-Disclosure Agreement to be signed, and the buyer only to contact us.

If you already have a buyer that you know you’re going to sell to, and have received a price you can live with, then probably not. However, there’s more to it then a buyer and a price. Talking with us, and allowing us to educate you in the discovery meeting, will ultimately help you determine if you need an advisor or not.

We are easy to work with

Start the Journey

A no-obligation & confidential conversation to learn more about your goals and to see if we are the right fit for you.

Map Out Your Plan

Customized for you, we design a path around your goals every step of the way.

Own Your Future

How you sell your business determines your legacy. Be ready for when that day comes.

Call or email use anytime to get started! We want to help you achieve your goals the right way

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