Company Overview

Who is ad astra equity?

Ad Astra Equity is a boutique merger and acquisition advisory firm located in the Kansas City area. We offer M&A advisory services as sell-side business advisors. We guide business owners through strategic planning, marketing, and closing of a deal to transition their company. The deal team who owns Ad Astra has successfully closed a combined $400 million of transaction value between them over the past 6 years. Our team works with owners across the nation, of varying sizes, across several industries, with each owner having unique goals. We are well equipped to understand a business owner’s wants and needs . . . converting those goals into our unique deal process which becomes our roadmap to their ideal outcome.

What makes us different?

Ad Astra Equity brings total confidence to your deal equation. We combine our network of hundreds of buyers with our ability to creatively position a business – ultimately negotiating the highest enterprise value available. More about how we treat clients versus the competition:

  • Clients do not pay any up-front fees, monthly fees, or cancellation fees – Ad Astra does not get paid until a transaction is completed.
  • We also work on a non-exclusive basis, meaning that we only get paid if we identify the acquirer AND broker a funded transaction. Our clients are free to use other non-exclusive advisors or market themselves during our engagement period.
  • No required contract length. You can cancel at any point during the process without any contingencies.

This structure is meant to ensure we only get paid if we add value by bringing an acceptable deal to our client that they execute with that buyer. This allows our clients to work with us on a risk-free basis, for as long as they need, whether they are ready to sell tomorrow or in three years.

This gives our client confidence: they know the burden of finding an offer too good to pass up falls on our shoulders. Our success-fee model aligns our objectives with an owner. Most owners will not match our sense of urgency. As we drive enterprise value together, we keep an eye on market-timing as well. We want owners nimble enough to respond to the market or the right deal when the time is right – at no risk – while they continue to operate their business in the meantime.


Clayton Stiver, Managing Partner, clayton[at]

Joe Lemieux, Managing Partner, joe[at]

Kyle Dizon, Transaction Advisor, kyle[at]

Lars Winkelmolen, Transaction Advisor, lars[at]

Matt McWhorter, Transaction Advisor, matt[at]

Dan Oades, Transaction Advisor, dan[at]

Scott Belcheff, Transaction Advisor, scott[at]

Tony Counts, Transaction Advisor, tony[at]

Mark Rinker, Transaction Advisor, mark[at]

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